It’s hard to believe that this could feel so right

Sunday morning I had planned on attending a singles ward with Kellie, since Rosie would still be gone. But I had absolutely no desire to do so after my night with Taylor. I think that my prayer and scripture study was much more advantageous to setting myself on the meat market to be observed. I […]

Make a wish, say a prayer, take my hand and stay forever

Saturday I didn’t have much planned, and Wade called me to see if I’d like to see a movie. We went and saw “The Terminal.” Very good flick. And we got ice cream after. Very nice guy, although young. I was a bit anxious to get to my date with Taylor. He picked me up […]

Flying Solo on Friday

Friday night I went to the Octapella concert alone at Brigham Young park. I had never seen them before, but they were very fun to see! They do a little cheezy choreography with the show, but they have some great numbers. I especially liked “Kiss the Girl,” “Light in your Eyes,” and “BALD-hemian Rhapsody.” I […]

I am driving 85 in the kind of morning that lasts all afternoon….

Words to describe the John Mayer concert? Amazing? Incredible? Entertaining? Eclectic? Steve suprised me with a beautiful pink rose. We ate island food courtesy of the consession stands. Maroon 5 was very cool….although I think I enjoyed them more than Steve did. Lizzy is going to burn me a copy of “Songs about Jane.” Ralin […]

Rosie’s Trauma

This evening Rosie and I went to Tyson’s house. He made dinner, and we watched “Help!” in honor of Ringo’s birthday. We were enjoying the movie as Rosie fed the dogs popcorn and ran around. Suddenly, we heard a clash of breaking glass, and Rosie started whimpering. She had tripped with a glass of water […]


Just got back from my appointment with Bishop Peterson. I’m floating. I haven’t felt so good about my spiritual welfare in months. I’ll be partaking of the sacrament again Sunday, and I’m on the “needs a calling” list. And if I keep things up…I may be back at the temple next month. I can’t describe […]

What a Weekend!

I don’t think I can give a detailed account of the workings of this weekend…I got home at 6 am and am running on an hour of sleep. Here’s the short version…. Sunday:Church was excellent. Fast and Testimony Meeting, SS Lession on Ammon, and RS Lesson on Standing in Holy Places. The ward RS theme […]

The Man Behind the Drums

Happy Birthday Ringo… When I’m Sixty-Four When I get olderLosing my hairMany years from nowWill you still be sending me a ValentineBirthday greetingBottle of wine?If I’ve been out ’til quarter to threeWould you lock the door?Will you still need meWill you still feed meWhen I’m Sixty-Four? I think it’s time to pop in Help! Current […]

Saturday in the Park….I think it was the 4th of July

I dropped Rosie off with Steve around noon. He decided to rent a car to take to Idaho because the beater Jetta was still not fixed. I feel better about him renting though, so he does’t get stranded in a remote place like Arimo or something. I went to Murray Park (via Noodles and Co. […]

Rundown of Last Night

Last night was the first time I’ve seen Dan since I played fashion consultant for him last week, and the first time we’ve gone out since our breakup. (the real one!) I had originally asked Steve Best to go…let him know that I still value his friendship and get caught up…but he IM’d me the […]