Month: March 2010

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I am a total foodie, but in the most equal-opportunity way. I love home-cooked meals, greasy spoon diners, upscale bistros, BBQ joints, fish houses, sushi bars, fancy steakhouses, taco stands, and hole-in-the-wall ethnic spots. I post many of my reviews on my food blog, Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t keep up with food addiction. I […]

Fun Misc

Is It Any Wonder?

Here’s another video that makes me smile now matter how bad my day is. It’s a mashup of Keane’s “Is it Any Wonder” with the Armi Danny video (Voted the worst video of all time). Anyone want to learn the choreography with me? Looks like a perfect talent show skit to me!

Culture Fun

The Bachelor Finale: Jake and the Skank

“This is the life I’ve always wanted. This is the guy I’ve always wanted. This is the fairy tale I thought I’d never have.” Vienna Girardi So…Jake chose Vienna. Vienna Marie Girardi Born in Geneva, Florida May, 1986 (23-years old) Currently resides in Sanford, Florida Graduated from the University of Central Florida Bachelor’s degree in […]

Aviation Culture

I’d Rather Dance With You

When I’m having a tough day, few music videos make me happier than “I’d Rather Dance With You” by Kings of Convenience. What do you watch/listen to while trying to get out of a sad funk? I’d Rather Dance With You (Thank you Brett for bringing this song into my life)

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