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Losing My License and My Mind in Phoenix

This weekend was awesome. But it almost wasn’t. Back on my 30th birthday, Taylor’s gift to me was a verbal promise for a one-day ticket to the Coachella Music Festival. But the ticketing guidelines changed this year, and only $270 full weekend passes were available. When my Coachella plans fell through, he told me to […]

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The End of The End

Forgive me for my recent lack of posting…I’ve been in mourning. My absolute favorite radio station of all time, 101.9 The End, disappeared off the Salt Lake area airwaves last Wednesday. I had less than an hour of notice before the last songs of Utah’s Rock Alternative played. I’m a music junkie. I’m a fan […]

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Despair and Euphoria

Melancholy Indulgent Narcissistic Overly-critical Impatient Unrealistic Moody Contrary Impulsive Unforgiving Wistful Confused Irreverent Recently I’ve had a difficult time figuring out who I am. I feel like my life is a constant state of change, and so many elements are beyond my control. When I am in a depressive episode (nearly a year now), I […]

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Doing my Best

The last few months have really put me through the wringer, emotionally and physically. It has been incredibly difficult to go from an able-bodied, overzealous DO-er, to someone who has to accept help from others, and be satisfied with myself when I accomplish less than my usual best. My mother has dealt with chronic pain […]

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Sweet Disposition

I’ve been obsessed with this song since I saw (500) Days of Summer last year. Diet Coke and Temper Trap…could any commercial be better?

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I’d Rather Dance With You

When I’m having a tough day, few music videos make me happier than “I’d Rather Dance With You” by Kings of Convenience. What do you watch/listen to while trying to get out of a sad funk? I’d Rather Dance With You (Thank you Brett for bringing this song into my life)

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Who on Earth is Tarlov, and How Did I Get His Cysts?

Yesterday I went back to the imaging center for my second MRI of my lumbar spine. This time it was done with contrast dye, which I had a mild adverse reaction to (burning sensation, nausea, etc). Once my body calmed down after the dye was injected, the MRI was pretty simple. This afternoon the results […]

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Irresistible and Fascinating, Just Like a Red Velvet Cupcake

You’re a special occasion treat — and you know it. For a cupcake, you’ve got major self-confidence. You aren’t just made with red velvet batter; your personality reflects the specialness of red velvet anything… from gold-trimmed theater curtains to expensive upholstery to an unbelievably lavish dress for a ravishing young princess. As a human, you’re […]

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The Hottest Couple, This Side of the Wasatch Fault

I love getting my picture taken. I’m blessed with face photogenic enough to make up for everything else I don’t like about my voluptuous body. My husband, on the other hand, isn’t thrilled about gettingĀ  captured on camera. When he smiles for a picture, he poses his face into something I’ve affectionately called his “Taylorsmile” […]

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The All-New

After hinting around for a few weeks, I’m finally ready to announce the relaunch of my beloved site For the last month, I’ve been comparison-shopping web hosts, rethinking the vision and scope of my future contributions to the interwebs and bloggosphere. I want to offer more tips and tricks on discount travel, be an […]

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