Contact Me

The most reliable way to contact me is through my email, You can also follow and message me on Twitter at . I check both several times a day, and I’m much more likely to respond electronically than via phone (I’m one of those anti-voicemail kind of people.) I love making new friends, especially with my blog readers. I have been fortunate to be able to travel all over the country (and beyond!) to meet up with friends, bloggers, and even complete strangers. Let me know if your travels are bringing you to Detroit, and I’d love to meet you and show you around.

Are you from a company or PR agency, and looking for someone to test your products and write sponsored posts? I enjoy trying new things, and will pimp out your item if I love it. I am interested in mobile technology and devices, particularly travel-friendly ones, weight loss surgery-friendly products, event invitations, clothing and accessories. I am currently on a  blogging hiatus, so I am not accepting products for review at this time. If you think I’m a perfect match for your brand, let’s talk. You might be the one to break me out of my blogging funk.

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