When the inevitable occurs….

Candyland Champ says:it had been several months since anyone had sparked my interest so much Dear in the Headlights says:well, the sparking was definitely mutual Dear in the Headlights says:getting to know you has been wonderful… but I’m scared that it’s not going to be healthy for either of us if we just cling to […]


Astrological Musings

I’ve never been much into astrology, but at dinner last night, Gary and I were talking about it a bit. He is a Virgo. And I just busted up laughing. What’s up with me attracting Virgos? Alan’s a Virgo….Steve’s a Virgo…..Tim’s a Virgo…Dan’s a Virgo…and now Gary? I decided to do a little research on […]

Destined to NOT be a ZOMBIE

Today is the sleepiest I’ve been on a workday in ages. Destined to NOT be a ZOMBIEĀ I have two explanations. One is that I haven’t been taking one of my meds to keep me awake during the day. I’m in prescription stimulant withdrawl. I have my sleep oximitery test tonight. Had to take a long […]


Just Another Manic Monday

Such an eventful weekend, and such a lame day at work. I will just put a few highlights from the last few days.. Friday: Orem Summerfest with Dan. “And she’s shopping at Seven-Ele-uh-ven” Missed all but the last song from Moosebutter, but I chatted with Tim and he hooked me up with a new copy […]

Thursday I don’t care ’bout you, it’s Friday I’m in Love

Today I went insane at work. I was listening to music and trying to overhear a nearby co-workers conversation at work, and decided to get up to join in. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the earphones out of my ears, and one popped apart in my ear and shocked me. After the initial zing in […]

To Whom it May Concern

Just received the BEST wedding announcement ever! Two Mingle folk: Due to the fact that we both mistakenly chose to marryunappreciative, selfish and overbearing people the firsttime around… Cheryl Kay Oster and Michael John Blairare delightedto announce that being appreciated is so much fun thatthey will tie the proverbial knot.Saturday, the 26th Day of June […]

The Fiction, The Romance, and The Technicolor Dreams

The un-Readers Digest Version of Today: Woke up around 7:10…threw clothes on Rosie and myself. “Worked” 3 hours today, but it wasn’t much work. The cubicles were being torn down and rearranged to accommodate the new employees for our Urban Central Psych providers. Now Natalie will sit by me. Hehe. So for the first hour […]

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

I miss Dan. I’m chatting in MSN right now, but we’ve returned to the same topic of why he can’t accept conventional religion. I admitted that I think I was in love with him. He seemed pretty floored. Maybe I shouldn’t have said it. But I felt some relief in that disclosure. So, I never […]


Just got home from work. Hard time concentrating….it’s not hard to figure out why. But I did finish 92 accounts today…how that happened I’m not sure. I’m in the mood for melon gelato, but I don’t want to drive down to Crossroads. I need to stop by the post office, there’s a certified letter for […]


Finally on LJ

How many times does it take for me to listen to people and actually join the LJ bandwagon? Sheesh. After Emily’s Wahleecon stuff, and Lark’s suggestion…I guess I’ve fallen into peer pressure yet again So tonight I chopped my hair. The breakup ritual. I cut off a few inches, added some layers, and thinned about […]