Finally on LJ

How many times does it take for me to listen to people and actually join the LJ bandwagon? Sheesh. After Emily’s Wahleecon stuff, and Lark’s suggestion…I guess I’ve fallen into peer pressure yet again So tonight I chopped my hair. The breakup ritual. I cut off a few inches, added some layers, and thinned about […]



The most reliable way to contact me is through my email, You can also follow and message me on Twitter at . I check both several times a day, and I’m much more likely to respond electronically than via phone (I’m one of those anti-voicemail kind of people.) I love making new friends, […]

Pilot Wife Resorces

Support Groups (for when the pilot is away) Pilot Wives Club Jet Girls Wives and Girlfriends of Pilots Facebook Group Pilot Wife (and girlfriend) Blogs – Partner of a Pilot – Oh the Life of a Pilot’s Wife – SE Impressions – Musings of a Pilot’s Wife – Musings of […]

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters Nicole – (see About Me) Taylor (aka The Tayv8tor) – 30, California born-and-raised, pilot, love of my life Rosie – 11, greatest daughter in the world The Watsons – My parents: David and Barbara, and siblings Shawn, Jacob, and Mary The In-Laws – A mixed variety of MANY family members, acquired through […]


About Me

Who is Cuteculturechick? The one-line bio: On-the-go, sleep deprived, tech geek, pop culture junkie, foodie, and LDS pilot wife and mother, trying to embrace the fact that she lives in Utah again. The “whole she-bang” bio: I am a woman who thrives on family, faith, fun, friends, and good food. I embrace change. Life is […]


Work and Weight Loss Update

Update at work…my alpha changed again from Q-S. Much easier I must say, about oh….1000 less accounts. Big relief. I complained to my team coordinator that I felt overwhelmed, and she split the alpha again. Stats may not suck so much this month after all. So many movies and shows I want to see. I’m […]


November Update

Obviously for anyone who has actually looked at this blog, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged at all. I’ve thought about it…but I don’t get to a computer with net access often enough to actually sit down and type for a while. I’m at my parents, and Rosie is thoroughly engrossed in Monsters Inc…again. […]


Oregon Update

Okay, Okay…so it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. We haven’t had an internet connection at our house since May, and we really need more RAM on our computer to actually have a decent connection speed. It drives Steve crazy not having a connection at home, so he’s at the library a lot of […]


Independence Day

Today is Independence Day, which was a day off work. Yay! I dropped off my rent check and did some shopping this morning. I stopped in at Old Navy to visit Spencer and buy my flag tee, but they were out of just about everything I’ve had my eye on. I did buy a shirt […]


More About Hello Dolly

Okay, to all of you who faithfully check my blog, hoping for a recent posting. I’m sorry. No time, no net. I got audited for my email and internet use at work, so I have to keep emails at a minimum. And I have to use computers at other people’s houses for anything online. So […]