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10 Years Ago

Much of my blog is based around my dear husband Taylor. Sometimes I mention him ad nauseum. He’s honestly the best thing to ever happen to me. But did you know I had a life before Taylor? Did you know that in my first semester at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho, I met a boy, […]

Like a Sun with Perfect Light

This morning on my way back from South Bend, I decided to listen to a little Mormon Tabernacle Choir to get into the Sunday spirit. The flight departed at 5:50 am, and the I watched out the window for a good part of the flight. The sunlight was peaking over the horizon and looked spectacular. […]

Forever and for Always

From 2004 to 2009, I’ve been the luckiest woman alive. I have a man who truly appreciates me, loves me, kisses me, comforts me, teases me, spoils me, and ALWAYS has my best interest in mind. After a very difficult first marriage, I doubted that I’d ever have a man that would take care of […]


ClintSWM. Age 23. Occupation: pilot MarySWF. Age 18. Occupation: Student Since Taylor met Clint at Jet U in March 2007, he’s been talking about how he’s wanted to set him up with my sister Mary. She was 16 at the time, and he was 21. Taylor was insistent. For months, we’ve been trying to arrange […]

True Love

True love is being willing to wake up at 4:20 am to drive your husband to the airport in 16 degree windy weather with a smile on your face. And true love is having a hubby willing to come home on his “relaxing” weekend off to fix your computer when it crashes from the Facebook […]


October 8th was wonderful. I had fun getting my hair done with all the ladies, the temple was beautiful, we got great pictures, Chuckarama was….chuckalicious? The reception at Wyatt’s was sooooo fun. It was intimate enough that I had time to talk to all people there, and we were surrounded by people we love. We […]

Ketchup Quickly

SundayChurch with Taylor went very nicely. He read books to Rosie, put his arm around me, and I could tell that he felt comfortable. There were plenty of smug looks in our direction, but I felt completely happy having him at my side. In SS, I introduced him as someone who was interested in becoming […]

Not Much Time to LJ these days

Wow….20 days since my last LJ post. I’ve been incredibly preoccupied. But I am still recording my life….just on paper. Wow, how therapeutic it is! So since then, I have been spending as much time as possible with Taylor, and copious amounts of time with my family and Rosie. But I will provide the highlights: […]

Home Life…Once in a Blue Moon

Last night Taylor and I spent the majority of the evening with my family. We had hoped that we could do a temple session, but I was unable to get an appointment with my stake president until Sunday. So we decided to chill with my family. For the first hour or so, we visited with […]

So Much to Say

So Much to SayWow….I haven’t updated in a few days….and when life is eventful….the posts tend to be clipped short to fit it all in. Here’s the rundown: Sunday:Watched the MoTab’s 75th Anniversary Broadcast. I want to be a part of them someday.Church was excellent. Feeling the spirit more and more each week.Rosie still in […]