Nine Years of Adventure

Dear Rosie, Excitement and boredom. Joy and sadness. Change and adaptation. Hugs and kisses. Creativity and silliness. Independence and bravery. Fun and Culture. Travel and Home. Love and empathy. Childlike, yet mature. Seven moves, four states, lots of great food and countless people who love you. I’m so blessed that you’re mine. Please don’t grow […]

Helmet Head

This weekend we bought Rosie a new helmet. Between bike riding and skateboarding, I’ve been pretty adamant about Rosie keeping her brain protected. She hasn’t had a bike here very long, but I’ve been paranoid every time she went out riding without a helmet. In Michigan and Georgia, I always saw kids wearing helmets, and […]

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My Many Colored Days

This week, Rosie’s school had Dr. Seuss week. Each day had a different theme, such as crazy hat day and pajama day. Rosie’s favorite was “Many Colored” day, based off of the book My Many Colored Days. This book was written by Dr. Seuss, but illustrated and published after his death. Rosie loves to get […]

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2008 Year in Review

I will not lie. 2008 was probably the most difficult of my life, right up there with 2003 (when my ex-husband went psychotic and we got divorced). To save you from reading my 249 blog entries of 2008, I have prepared my longest blog post ever to truncate the insanity of the year. Here’s the […]

Weekend with Rosie

Friday:…Turning in the bottles and cans for recycling (Rosie collects $4.80)…Eating at a new restaurant that makes their own root beer…Hanging out with Erin Saturday:…Making sausage, ham, and 3-cheese breakfast casserole…Seeing High School Musical 3 with Hillary…Buying a few new clothing items each (for next to nothing)…Rosie lasertagging at Zap Zone for a birthday party, […]

The Block

Rosie had such a blast getting ready for the concert! I let her wear her sparkly shirt, makeup, and jewelry. She made the poster, but unfortunately the ticket-takers said no posters were allowed, so we had to put it back in the car.I was actually pretty impressed with the Palace at Auburn Hills. It looks […]