My Discount Travel Secret

I am a certifiable travel junkie. Since I was very young, few things gave me a thrill than going to a new place and discovering my way around. I’m working my way through all 50 states (currently at 37) and have an extensive international travel wishlist. The only problem? I’ve always been broke. My husband and I will be paying on student loans for up to 30 years. I’ve never really been able to go on a luxurious expensive vacation, but I’ve been fortunate to experience some pretty swanky accommodations just by using common sense and the right resources. Sure, I get to fly standby for free…but a lot of times, the non-rev experience is not what it’s cracked up to be.

Ever wanted to:

Rent a Mustang for $7 per day?

Purchase TWO round-trip tickets from LA to Fort Lauderdale for $290 ? (including tax, for both tickets)

Stay in a 4-Star Las Vegas Hotel for $26 per night?

I have done all of the above, and then some. My secret? Priceline. Seriously!

A lot of times, Priceline seems to get a bad rap. Many people have horror stories about terribly inadequate rooms with stained carpets and questionable items under the bed. Or a flight with 2 missed connections, just to save $10. And honestly, I’ve had those experiences as well. But once you know the tricks for choosing your hotel/car/flight, you will save tens, if not hundreds of dollars.

Want to learn how I do it? All you have to do is ask. It may cost you a lunch date or an iTunes gift card….but I’ll make it worth your while.

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