More About Hello Dolly

Okay, to all of you who faithfully check my blog, hoping for a recent posting. I’m sorry. No time, no net. I got audited for my email and internet use at work, so I have to keep emails at a minimum. And I have to use computers at other people’s houses for anything online. So I hope all of you understand.

Hello Dolly is going awesome. This weekend was opening weekend, and I’m having a super time. Other than the little tech problems, and occasional flying shoes, the show is great. I’m really loving the cast. Friday night we played kissing rugby, and this was my first time playing. I pinned Marion so good with my superior leg-lock!! Afterwards we went to Denny’s for sustenance. Last night we went to Applebees.

Also yesterday, I went garage saleing with Angela from work. She’s so much fun, and Rosie and her daughter Katie get along so well.

For those of you wanting info about my play, here goes. Hello Dolly is at Midvale City Park Ampitheater from now until July 6, Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Tickets are $4 adults, $2 kids, $15 family. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs since the bleacher seating is limited. The ampitheater is located approximately 7500 S. 400 W. next to Midvale Cemetary. Just call me if you have questions, or email me.

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