Oregon Update

Okay, Okay…so it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. We haven’t had an internet connection at our house since May, and we really need more RAM on our computer to actually have a decent connection speed. It drives Steve crazy not having a connection at home, so he’s at the library a lot of the time. He’s decided to join the ROTC. He wasn’t getting very far at the UofU, and it was still a long time before he could get his Spanish degree. And its really hard to get into Nursing at the U. So now he’s taking military science classes and going to Westminster College. (plus taking an internet class at the U, and working, and he’s in Pirates of Penzance.) So he’s very busy.

We went to Oregon in August to visit family and have a vacation. It was so nice to see my grandparents. And our day at Cannon Beach and Seaside was great. The Tualatin Crawfish festival was a blast too…tons of good food! And speaking of good food, we had an amazing mushroom burger and chocolate malt on our day trip with my grandparents. And going to Burgerville USA for the Crispy Chicken Tillamook sandwich with Walla Walla sweet onion rings and a fresh blackberry shake. We saw Steve’s family in Euguen, and I even saw Robin, an old friend from Girl Scouts and junior high. Driving through the night so Rosie would be asleep was an adventure. I wish we could’ve stayed longer, but we had to get home for work.

I’m really liking working for IHC. Some days it seems a little hectic, like so much paperwork and so many phone calls that I feel like I don’t get to work accounts enough, but I can think of a lot of worse jobs. I went to my first Viva Voce rehearsal this week. I had a hard time deciding between first and second alto, but I’m going to do first. Today I went out with Esther to look for performance dresses, and I found a black one that I really like….and it’s a 14! I haven’t been able to fit into a 14 since HS! Happy me.

Rosie is turning 2 next week, and Steve is turning 26. We’ll be having a party at my parents house. I think it will be fun.

So that’s life at this point.
Nicole 6:10 PM

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