Work and Weight Loss Update

Update at work…my alpha changed again from Q-S. Much easier I must say, about oh….1000 less accounts. Big relief. I complained to my team coordinator that I felt overwhelmed, and she split the alpha again. Stats may not suck so much this month after all.

So many movies and shows I want to see. I’m going to see Annie Get Your Gun at Copper Hills High on Monday…Katie from Hello Dolly is in it. Then I’m seeing Scott from HD in Pirated Penzance at the Grand sometime soon. And possibly Footloose at Cyprus on Tuesday, but I’m still not sure on that one. The new Harry Potter flick came out yesterday…I’ll probably see that soon. Still need to rent Star Wars Ep. 2 and Spiderman.

And now for the best news…I got my 10% at WW today! I’ve lost 23 lbs on WW, and I’m feeling good. Time to buy more clothes. *hehehe*
Nicole 3:58 PM

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