Finally on LJ

How many times does it take for me to listen to people and actually join the LJ bandwagon? Sheesh. After Emily’s Wahleecon stuff, and Lark’s suggestion…I guess I’ve fallen into peer pressure yet again

So tonight I chopped my hair. The breakup ritual. I cut off a few inches, added some layers, and thinned about half of it out. It’s pretty cute…let’s just see how the compliments on it are. Hehe.

I think I thought about Dan at least 100 times today. Tried to leave him alone, but I sent him a few texts:

1)Hangin in there ok today? I never meant to cause u trouble. I never meant to do you harm (response:Yeah, I’m hanging in there. I think the weight of it has hit harder today. How r u?)

2)The hardest its been so far. Listening to coldplay and thinking about our good times (no response)

3)On my way with rosie for haircuts. Any suggestions? Mullet or mohawk? (response:How about combining the two? You could call it the mullhawk!)

4)I decided against the mullhawk. Hair is not what I expected though. What have you been up to? (no response)

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