Less than 24 hours till the BARE LAKE SHORE

Thursday, June 24th, 2004

Less than 24 hours till the BARE LAKE SHORE
I am soooooo ready for a vacation. Granted, an overnight RS retreat at Bear Lake isn’t as tempting or relaxing as say….a tropical island. But it is long overdue. Some girl talk, junk food, spiritual message, a long enough drive to feel like a little road trip. I’m stoked.

Rundown of Thursday:
Worked CWG denial report. Same stuff as last quarter. And all my correspondance. Yuck Yuck Yuck
Text message from Danimal. He’s a bagger. I’m jealous (4 strikes in a row!)
Planned with the work ladies an escapade to watch “Campbells” play volleyball in the company tournament tomorrow. Mm Mm Good!
Talked with Justin at lunch. Joked about my arm owie. Can’t wait to see him Saturday.
Declined an invite from Tyson to go to a movie tonight. Sad, but I had to work.
Dined on chinese cuisine and worked a little Quickbooks at Linda’s. Clueless.

Went to take Rosie to drop her off at Steve’s…he talked me into borrowing my car so he could run some errands. The car ride was the most we’ve talked face to face in months. Quite awkward, especially when he asked if we would ever get back together. I told him not to plan on it. And listening to him sing along to the radio made me remember how much it bugged me. A lot of things I don’t miss…but some things I do miss. I really miss his family. I wonder if they miss me. Butler Family reunion is on July 5th in Idaho. Why am I so strangely tempted to drop in? I will always be connected the the Butlers/Perrys through Rosie. I wonder if they still consider me a gold-digger who wasted his inheritance.

I am watching Rosie snooze on the couch. She is so beautiful. The other day she said “Gracias for being my mommy.” It was so sweet. (I love how she’s mixing in Spanish words) I am so blessed to have her. Sometimes I feel the pressure of being a single mom and get a few twinges of sadness and doubt, wondering if my life is being stifled from opportunites (such as being a full time student) But then I think of the sweet things she does….singing primary songs, picking flowers for me, her huge grin and beautiful eyes, the ways she comforts me when I cry. There’s nothing better in the world. Everything is Rosy, since I found my Rosie.

Current Mood: grateful
Current Music: Coldplay, Eclipse, Rockapella

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