Lunch, Dessert, and Smokin’ Hot Fool

Saturday I took Emily out to Kneaders for a belated birthday lunch. Oh, how I love their turkey sandwiches on focaccia (with extra Kneaders sauce!) But even better than the food was the company. It’s been so long since Em and I had some one on one talking time. (I think it was when we went to Benihana for my b-day) I got more of the Wahleecon rundown, update on the fam, heard her plans for her new place that she will be moving for Grad School. Wow…grad school. How cool is that? Here I am with my Humanities Associate Degree….and my best friend is working on her masters. I really need to figure out where I need to go with my education. Respiratory Therapy still sounds pretty good. I need to see what the U has to offer.

After Kneaders I took a quick jaunt to Old Navy to check out their rack. Nothin’ too exciting, almost bought some funky flip-flops (that would have been called THONGS back in the day….) But then my phone rang. It was Ralin, who I feel like I haven’t talked to in ages. Reception was terrible, so I went outside to my car to talk. Great gal, I need to hang out with her again.

For the afternoon, I met a new boy…Justin. He lives out in Riverton with four other bachelors in a pretty nice pad. First we played a little XBOX, Dead or Alive. I kicked Justin’s hannah with Christie and her super-duper Egyptian pokey move. We had pizza and A&W (which Justin thinks is the only REAL root beer!) and watched a hillarious episode of Futurama.(About the lost city of Atlanta) Next we ventured to the foosball table, listened to a little Evanescence and I got my hannah kicked.

“Be Somebody, or Be Somebody’s Fool” was a motivational video done by Mr. T back in the 80s. Holy Hannah….can we say hillarious? “I’m just waitin’ for a gym to open on my corner.” I laughed my socks off, so to speak (Justin jokes that he is single as a lost sock) I’ve SO got to get me a copy of that movie!. We also played a little pool. I am just about as bad at pool as at foosball, but it was plenty entertaining. Ah, the flirtation that can result in a game of pool. I once heard that it is a good game to check is someone’s “goose is cooked.” Too bad I scratched when trying to sink the 8 ball.

But here’s the real dish on Justin. I was immediately taken by Justin. Not necessarily by looks (although he does have a cute babyface) but he has a very magnetic personality. Then we were watching Futurama, I was laying on the couch, with my feet up on his lap. He was rubbing them, it felt so nice. Then he put his arm up on the couch and kicked back (obviously because he wanted to put his arm around me!) It was quite comfortable. And he kept telling me how beautiful my voice was when I was singing along to Evanescence. When we were watching Mr. T, he had his arm around me again, getting smirks from his roommates. I caught him licking his lips, in that unconcious-type way. That’s when I knew I’d caught his attention.

When we were playing pool, it was all about the flirtation. We kept distracting each other on our shots. He mentioned how he loves musicals, and was embarrased to disclose that. I was quite happy to hear it. His favorite show is Brigadoon. (he has such a great Scottish accent!) After about an hour of pool, I took a rest in the bean bag chair, and Justin joined me. We cuddled for a few minutes, and he asked, “may I kiss you?” Sometimes that question is very awkward (like hello! I’ve been flirting it up, don’t you think I want to be kissed!!) But with him it was very respectful. And “holy hannah”. What an incredible kisser. Very delicate and thoughtful, so much nicer than the awkward first kisses with Dan. And I loved how he seduced me in Italian. Very hot. He kept doing this little eye-rolling thing and groan, telling me that I was smokin’ hot. The only somewhat awkward moment was when he grabbed by butt. I totally froze up. He could tell how uncomfortable I was by it. Earlier he told me how he was checking me out while playing pool, and I figured it was all talk. Guess it was good enough to want a piece. So…other than that….I had such a wonderful time.

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