The Fiction, The Romance, and The Technicolor Dreams

The un-Readers Digest Version of Today: Woke up around 7:10…threw clothes on Rosie and myself. “Worked” 3 hours today, but it wasn’t much work. The cubicles were being torn down and rearranged to accommodate the new employees for our Urban Central Psych providers. Now Natalie will sit by me. Hehe. So for the first hour I was moving stuff on my desk to accommodate them ripping my desk apart piece by piece. Since our computers were down, the team bummed around for an hour or so until we could leave for the summer party. I talked to Gina, whose ex-husband got in a motorcycle accident yesterday. He is on life support, things don’t look up for him. She went to a psychic a few weeks ago, and was told a funeral would be coming up. She is freaked.

I stopped by the post office to pick up the certified letter. It was from the towing company that took Steve’s car when he totalled it two weeks ago. Since my name is still on the title, I guess that I can be held liable for the towing and impound charges. Steve assures me that the insurance will take care of it, but I need to make sure I stay on top of it.

The A/R management summer party was at the Triple D Ranch. (TRIPLE D??????) Warm, sunny, and very windy. Yummy lunch, hayride with Rosie, and even a bit of a display from a few drunk lesbians. Texted Dan many times. And won Hale Center Theater tickets in Bingo! (traded them from a golf game)

Did a little shopping. Bought some new capris and a few shirts (the best one is yellow, with FRESLY SQUEEZED in green across the front) I just love the Old Navy clearance rack…..

So now I’m home….IMing Dan.

Listened to a lot of MB20 today. MMMMM Rob Thomas. I think I agree with Ralin about the healing effects of his voice. She and I need to go on a concert roadtrip and drool over him. The night Dan and I went to the comedy club, we listened to MB20 on the way home. I told him about how I feel like what is described in Hand Me Down. And he just held me. Everytime I’ve listened to the song since I think of that….

Someday they’ll find your small town world on a big town avenue
Gonna make you like the way they talk when they’re talking to you
Gonna make you break out of the shell cause they tell you to
Gonna make you like the way they lie better than the truth
They’ll tell you everything you wanted someone else to say
They’re gonna break your heart, yeah

From what I’ve seen
You’re just a one more hand me down
Cause no one’s tried to give you what you need
So lay all your troubles down
I am with you now

Somebody ought to take you in
Try to make you love again
Try to make you like the way they feel
When they’re under your skin
Never once did think they’d lie when they’re holding you
You wonder why they haven’t called
When they said they’d call you
You start to wonder if you’re ever gonna make it by
You’ll start to think you were born blind

I’m here for the hard times
The straight to your heart times
Whenever it ain’t easy
You can stand up against me
And maybe rely on me
And cry on me, yeah
Oh no, no, no

Some day they’ll open up your world
Shake it down on a drawing board
Do their best to change you
They still can’t erase you
Lay them down on me
Oh yeah
You’re just one more hand me down
And all those nots don’t give you what you need
So lay all your troubles down…on me (Hand Me Down, Matchbox 20)

Say Goodbye
Dan posted an LJ entry about me today. I’ve got him quoting lyrics too..

So here we are tonight, you and me together
The storm outside, the fire is bright
And in your eyes I see what’s on my mind
You’ve got me wild, turned around inside
And then desire, see, is creeping up heavy inside here
And do you feel the same way as I do now
Now let’s make this an evening
Lovers for a night, lovers for tonight
Stay here with me, love, tonight
Just for an evening
When we make our passion pictures
You and me twist up as secret creatures
And we’ll stay here
Tomorrow go back to being friends

Go back to being friends, but tonight let’s be lovers, we kiss and sweat
We’ll turn this better thing
To the best
Of all we can offer, just a rogue kiss
Tangled tongues and lips,
See me this way
I’m turning and turning for you
Girl, just tonight

“Say Goodbye” – DMB

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