Adieu, My Friend

Elder David B. Haight dies at 97
Elder Haight was one of my very very favorite apostles…if it is appropriate to have a favorite. I had a brief, but impressionable time in my life where I spent some time with him somewhat frequently. When I was working with Dr. Downard at Utah Vision Care, Elder Haight was one of his patients, and due to his macular degeneration, his prescription changed rapidly. When I was working there, he was testing out contact lenses to have decent correction between changes in his glasses. Since I was a contact lens tech, I spent hours with him, not only helping teach him to wear the lenses, but actually inserting the lenses in his eyes. Just touching his face, I could feel a surge of power.

He taught me some great lessons. This was at the time that John had just left on his mission. I was very disheartened from missing him so much, but so happy that he was in the service of God. He told me to keep up in writing the letters, be positive but not brag about life at home, and use the time to become a better person instead of miss him. He also taught me great things about being married, and being a good spouse. I think he told me the story of his and Ruby’s honeymoon five times, and it was so sweet and adoring. One time he had me call her to tell her that he was on his way home to her. Such a sweet man.

It’s kinda crazy….two apostles dying in 10 days. I wonder who will be called into the Quorum of the Twelve. I’m sure there will be some announcements soon.

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