Field Trip to Provo

The trip to Provo was long…just over 90 minutes. We went to his friend Eric’s place at Wymount, and ate dinner with him, his wife Jennifer, and their daughter Hayley. We grilled steaks, and I brought my broccoli salad. Jennifer was very cool…she and I had a talk while the guys were at the grill. I asked her for the scoop on Taylor….things about him she knows that I might never know. She said that Taylor is a video game addict…he loses track of time easily when it’s on. He forgets things at their house every time he’s over, and he detests green beans. She did say that he is a very quality guy…very few men in the world as gentlemanly and genuinely kind as Taylor. She said he will treat me like gold.

After dinner, we headed back to his apartment. We went through stacks of pictures. There was stuff from mission, Ricks….and then lots of pics of him with Amanda. He kept saying he was embarrased that there were so many. I told him not to sweat it…it was kinda fun to see the pics of him with such a silly-lovestruck grin on his face. Wonder if he smiles like that when he thinks of me. I snatched two pics of him…one was from three weeks ago at Disneyland. (he is trying to pull the sword out of the stone) The other is from christmas 2002 in front of the SL Temple (he looks soooooo good in it)

Rosie, Taylor, snuggled up on the couch to watch the Simpsons. Funny how we laughed in the exact same places. It was amazing how “at home” I felt…the three of us together. I was sad to be sick…I was nervous to be close to Taylor because I don’t want him to get sick. Even today, I’m still congested and coughing and a bit feverish. But he still insisted on kissing me goodbye. Silly goof. When we were hugging goodbye, I asked him if it was awkward for him to have Rosie there. He said that it will be a big adjustment to jump into a father role, but he laughed and said that he won’t miss the diaper disasters and midnight feedings. Interesting how he put such a positive future spin on the conversation…kinda like “when,” not “if.”

Who knows though….no need to hurry this. I’m just enjoying it while it’s here.

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