Not enough time to LJ in the day!

Stacey’s last day. Mega-munchfest. Lots of Peg’s Salsa. Food Glorious Food.
Talked to Justin on my lunch. Yep, better off without him I think.
Chatted in the evening online. Talked to a Travis Spackman who isn’t the one I went to HS with. Played in mingle chat. Dropped my phonenumber to Anewworld, who wanted to get together for Thursday.
Weeded my yard. I have swollen hands to prove it.

Workfile recompiled. Finally under $300k! YAY.
Beautiful day. Spent my lunch on a blanket on the grass, soaking up the sun.
Rediscovered some 70’s/80’s favorite love songs thanks to Lizzy (Dan Fogelberg, Jim Croce, Air Supply)
Date with Mark. Dinner at Z’Tejas, Yummy Yummy Yummy (I got chicken stuffed chile rellenos) Helped him choose new jeans (fashion consultant once again) Bought some new Shea it Ain’t So. Then we mozied over to Liberty Park to take a watch and see the sunset. Amused him with my extensive collection of pick-up lines.
Confirmed date with Taylor Sunday evening (Fireside at BYU)
Confirmed date with Dan Friday evening. I am so pumped to see Eclipse! And Mo-Tab and Utah Symphony will be great too. Nothing says patriotism like hearing Battle Hymn of the Republic live with fireworks in the background. (why am I suddenly thinking of UHF?)

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