Not Much Time to LJ these days

Wow….20 days since my last LJ post. I’ve been incredibly preoccupied. But I am still recording my life….just on paper. Wow, how therapeutic it is! So since then, I have been spending as much time as possible with Taylor, and copious amounts of time with my family and Rosie. But I will provide the highlights:

July 17th, Taylor proposed to me atop the hill above the state capital, at sunset. He downplayed on the evening, just saying we’d take a drive and grab a bite to eat. After talking for about 20 minutes, he said, “You know I have ulterior motives for being here?” and he knelt down. His actual words were, “Nicole Watson, you are the woman I want to be with for eternity. Will you marry me?” Back at the car he had 2 dozen red roses, and we ate dinner at Kyoto. It was incredibly romantic.

The week after, his parents came in from California. Gary and Eleanor are wonderful, I can’t wait to claim them as family. His siblings are great, and also his niece Nevaeh. Dinner with my parents went so well, fajitas were tasty, and great bonds were established. We spent and evening in Park City, swimming at the pool at their condo. I am thrilled to see them later this week when we head to Cali.

Also….Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band at Sandy Amphitheater rocked…even though the PDA police got sicked on us. Taylor moved to SLC so I have been able to see him everyday. Quinn Wall got married. Won Charlie Mars tix in the End Zone and had a lunch date with Taylor.

Planning to leave for California on Friday morning. I am so stoked….beach, family, and In and Out Burgers. MMMMMM

Also, for any who read this….please keep Rosie in your prayers…she isn’t sick or in immediate danger….but please pray.

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