Finally Connected

We got internet! I am finally connected to the real world. Although I have to admit I am disappointed that I don’t have any friends that IM me anymore. I can be logged on to MSN for hours, send a few greetings out, and have no replies. *sigh*

I am majorly bummed right now because some hooligan broke into both of our cars. They tried to hotwire them, but did not succeed. They were towed yesterday, and the repair show said they will try to have one of them done by Friday. We are borrowing my parents ’89 Dodge Caravan (The THUNDERWAGON!) but it is a basket full of nightmares in and of itself. I’m glad I changed our insurance deductible from $500 to $100 per car…only $200 out of our pocket will be a do-able. The estimates on the Civic are over $1000 (because they have to replace the cruise control system) and the Acura will be around $900 (depending on parts) At least our cars weren’t stolen, like the neighbors Civic was.

Shocker news!!!!!!!! Steve is engaged!!!! How on earth his fiance can forgive the fact that he is on bail for two first degree felony charges? I am innerly trying to decide if I should meddle. Warn her or something.

I am off to the gym. I am so un-motivated to be there, but I must. Then I have a Viva Voce rehearsal with the men. Our concert, Wind in the Willows is next Thursday night April 28 and another in May (I can’t remember when) I’ll post when I can remember.

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