The Latest and Greatest

California trip was awesome! Rosie and I loved Disneyland, the weather was great, the bachelorette party was fun and the wedding is over (Lissy and Tyler) I’m back to reality, but it shouldn’t be too bad….

…because I got a new job!

I will be a medical secretary at the Lab at LDS Hospital. I will be the assistant to the director of Laboratory Services for Urban Central Region of IHC (LDS, Cottonwood, Alta View, and TOSH) It’s a little pay increase, but I have a feeling it will be a big respect increase. I’ve been begged at PHB to work some evening and weekend hours for overtime. If I work only 6 hours per week, that would score me $400 in OT. So I’ll probably do that for a while.

Taylor is only a few weeks away from his Private Pilot Licence. He is preparing for his check ride and is so busy studying and making flight plans. It’s nice that he is so motiviated.

Steve pled guilty in court. The punishment for a 2nd Degree felony is 1-15 years. His sentencing is in late August. It will be so nice to have this overwith.

Harry Potter is coming out so soon! I’m way excited!

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