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What do the numbers 22, 55, 57, 215, 80, 210, 10, 60, 170, 101, 110, 5, 134, and 405 have in common?

That’s all of the freeways I’ve driven on today. (blech)

What is significant about $158?

Thats how much I’ve spent just today on filling gas tanks and paying for my Long Beach rental car.

Which two friends willingly came to my rescue today?

Jeanne and Leslie

How many hours of sleep did I get last night?

2.5 hours

How many minutes between the moment I jumped out of bed to leave for the airport and when my flight took off?

63 minutes

I usually don’t use blogs to vent, just to update others on my life. But I really feel like I’ve gotta vent. These last 24 hours have been terrible. I’ve called a few friends and left messages to get a little support, but nobody’s called back. Taylor is already in bed, none of my good friends are in IM now. I’m feeling isolated and like I’m going to burst. It’s funny for me to say that I’m so frustrated right now, because yesterday I was basking in the happiness of an absolutely fabulous week in Utah and Idaho. I’ll blog about the fun later and post some pics.

Now just as a disclaimer, any named names are just for reference…I’m not writing this blog just to point blame on people. I understand that life is crazy, and you can’t plan everything ahead of time. I’m usually pretty easygoing if someone will have to fall through with a commitment. I just am not used to so many falling through at once. Especially when pregnant (my intended ride is, not me) And when you find out you’re in a pickle later than it’s socially acceptable to call around for help…your options can be very limited. That’s why I feel like I’m nearing my breaking point.

So I called around numorus taxi and shuttle companies, and the cheapest ride from Long Beach to La Verne was $85, plus extra for Rosie. I looked on dozens of websites until I found a rental for $60. JB agreed to help me return the rental during the evening, so I went for it…even though it was still more expensive than I could afford.

Then I had to find a sitter to watch Rosie while I go to work. Her summer daycare doesn’t start until next week, so for the rest of the week we’re scrambling for help. I called everyone in my cell phone contacts to see who could help. Rosie went over to Leslie’s house for the day, and I headed off to work.

Work was okay…I little boring and hard to get into. But I survived.

In the evening, I picked up JB and Rosie to help drop off the rental. Unfortunately, we’d only been communicating through texts, and I didn’t know that she was meeting a group of friends later in the evening. Instead of a quick 45 min each way to Long Beach, we drove up to Burbank/North Hollywood to meet up for a gathering in Canoga Park. Three hours later…I just barely got home.

I have a splitting headache too. My vision is getting blurry. Time for bed. Hopefully I’ll wake up on the right side of it tomorrow.

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