Life or Limb?

Last night my dad was taken in for surgery, after signing a consent for possible amputation. When the surgeons went in, there was so much decay/necrosis and infection that they had absolutely no choice but to amputate. From what I understand, the amputation was right at the knee. In a few days they will have another surgery to cut down the bone and seal up the end of the stump as soon as it drains enough…and to make sure there’s not any more necrosis or infection.

Elder Dickson of the Quorum of the Seventy came to the Highland Ward today (“for Mary Watson”) and spoke. He then went to the hospital to visit David and give him a blessing. He’s talking a little bit now, but very labored with the trach. Dad asked Elder Dickson what he should do about consenting for amputation. He lifted up his coatsleeve, and revealed a partially amputated arm. He had bone cancer when he was 18 and required an amputation. He advised David to do what would save his life. What a perfect man to be counseling dad on this life-altering decision.

Rosie and I safely arrived back from California. It was so nice to see the sun shine and enjoy 65 degree weather. We spent time with family, helped out and enjoyed John and April’s reception, went to Heritage Ward, and went to the Upland Singles’ branch to hear Liz and Mary sing. We were able to also talk with Deanne and Gary Bluhm, and Gary spoke in church. Brett picked Rosie and I up from the church, grabbed some sabbath-breaking In-n-Out (since I’m sick of airport food right now!) and he drove us to LAX. The plane was delayed 2 hours, so we didn’t actually tumble back into bed in Michigan until after 3:00 am. Today we sign the rest of the lease paperwork for our apartment, and the movers will be here by noon. Tomorrow morning I’m heading back out to Utah to see my dad and help out where I’m needed.

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