Time Zone Tango

I’m feeling really jet-lagged…I’ve been in 4 time zones in 4 days. I’ve been having insomnia issues since dad’s accident, and multiple flights haven’t helped regularize me. I was lucky enough to get on both flights I’d listed on, arriving in SLC a little after 11 PM. I napped a little on the plane, but when I woke up and looked in the empty seat next to me…my favorite-est glasses were snapped in half!!! I have no idea how it happened…I didn’t sleep sideways that I know of, and I am pretty sure any time I picked up my carry-on bag, it was on my lap. It’s ironic that they broke, because I specifically took them off my head in case my neck flopped against the window and broke them.

These specs were pretty expensive…I got the thinnest, non-glare Crizal lenses, and bought an actual pair of designer-ish Bebe frames. Before insurance, they were about $450, but I paid about $180 with the discount. I’ve had them for under a year, and they are the best pair I’ve ever had. Luckily they are zyl, which makes popping the lenses out possible. I looked on a bunch of websites and found my exact frame for $95 with shipping. I decided to go for it, since my new vision insurance isn’t in effect yet. I’ve been recovering from a weepy/allergy-ish eye infection, so I can’t comfortably wear contacts right now. I’ll be a bit blurry for a few days, but that’ll match perfectly with the bags under my bloodshot eyes.

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