Without a trach…

This morning I went to visit David for a few hours. He was in good spirits, but still complaining about being stuck in the hospital and wanting to sneak out. The trauma team was there on their rounds, removed his trach and bandaged the stoma. He’s able to talk a little more easily, but it’s pretty breathy and fragmented. The stoma (the hole from the trach) will heal on it’s own, without sutures, within a few days.

He’ll have the next surgery to revise the amputation tomorrow. Either tonight or tomorrow he’ll be moved out of the ICU and into a step-down unit. His first phone call was to his mom in Oregon. I put my cell phone on speaker phone and they had a short, but emotional talk. He keeps asking for phone books so he can call people when he’s bored. But after about two hours of visiting, he started drifting off for a nap. I’ll be back over this afternoon, and will report any updates as they come.

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