Special Fast tomorrow and post-op update

David got out surgery on Thursday night around 9:30. The surgery went as well as can be expected. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the dosing of pain medication correct for almost two hours post-op. He was in miserable pain, the worst he’d felt since the actual accident. He is more awake and less groggy than when I left. Most of the psychosis has subsided. The next obstacle to overcome will be passing the swallow test, then they will put is leg into some sort of stump-shrinker to get it prepared for the prosthetic in a few weeks.

He has asked that all those who are willing and able to fast for him tomorrow on Fast Sunday. He appreciates the prayers and well wishes, but feels like he needs a special fast to help him gain strength and recover more quickly. The nerve in the top of his right foot was much more damaged than originally realized. Since the surgery, the physical therapy has been pretty tough because the nerve has not regenerated at all. There is a possibility that his nerve won’t heal, and he will have a “dropped foot.” This would require the use of a brace on his right foot, in addition to the prosthetic leg. We are praying for full mobility in his recovery, and your faith is requested.

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