The Reality of Injury

I talked to my dad yesterday…and today was the first time he seemed very downtrodden since the accident. He’s been more cognizant of his pain and injuries, and has been having some insomnia. He was thankful that Taylor brought him a large stash of music and movies to keep him occupied and sane. He talked to me about some of the feelings he went through at the accident site, wondering if this was the end…if this was the way that Heavenly Father wanted to bring him home. He has been trying to process why this is his trial and how he’s going to grow from it. It broke my heart to have this conversation with him.

Thank you to all who have been praying for him. I had a large amount of people tell me that they fasted for him yesterday. I can’t believe that he’s already been in the hospital for over 3 weeks. The surgery on Thursday not only did a number on his spirits, but on his body as well. Three more units of blood products were infused yesterday because his hemoglobin level had dropped dramatically. His overall recovery will be held back while his leg recovers from this recent surgical trauma. And the fact that he still aspirates on the swallowing test, and isn’t able to eat or drink any of his favorite foods is terribly hard on him.

At this time, I think he’d best benefits from cards and letters of encouragement. He is enjoying short (10-15 minute) visits at the hospital from family and close friends. He is going to be at IMC for another week or so, then will be transferred to Aspen Ridge West, the new SNF rehab facility on 5300 S. and 700 W. Please continue to keep him in your prayers, especially for recovery on his right leg. If the nerve doesn’t regenerate, he will likely have very limited mobility for his right leg (in addition to a prosthetic leg on the left.) We have faith that he will be healed and eventually be able to live a “normal” life, but it’s the patience and enduring to the end that will be his test now.

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