And might I add…

Only eight more days till my St. Patrick’s Day trip to Boston with Cola! I’m excited! However, I actually might find myself in the Boston area briefly on Saturday. Rosie and I are thinking about a quick trip to New England to enjoy a few Elipsus performances. We’d fly into Providence after school Friday, catch the downtown Providence, RI show Friday night, sleep, drive an hour or so to Boston for a noon show, and immediately turn around and hit the New Haven, CT show, sight-see a bit, and sleep again. We’d fly home Sunday morning just in time to make it to church.

I figure with work-life coming up pretty shortly, I’d better take advantage of a random, spontaneous mother-daughter trip to New England before it’s too late.

Also, I got another email for an interview at the UofM residency office, but I turned it down. I have enough on my plate this week for interviews.

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