Out of Necessity…

Today Taylor wiped our eyes, sucked in our guts and walked into the AT&T store to change our cell phone numbers to Michigan-734 numbers. We have loved and adored our Cali-909 numbers, but it was soon becoming a financial burden to keep our status symbol that very few people recognized.

See, we have been able to utilize a very low total minute plan because most of our family is on AT&T and we have typically made most of our calls in the evening. But when we kept our 909 numbers, that meant that night minutes didn’t start until midnight EST. We sucked through 1200 rollover minutes in February, and were getting to the point that we needed to either switch plans or switch numbers STAT. Also, Taylor went over by nearly 100 texts last month, which tacked on an extra $15 to our bill. And lastly, it was getting really annoying waiting until 1 AM to text our American Idol votes in.

They made us change our plan (since the really good price plan was grandfathered in from the original ATT -> Cingular switch over) but fixed things up (with ex-employer discounts and price overrides) so we now have 500 more shared minutes and unlimited texting for only $5 more a month than we were paying. Sorry to those friends who kept tempting us to switch to Verizon…it was still cheaper to stick with AT&T.

I sent out a mass text to everyone in my phone with the new number. If you need my number, email me at cuteculturechick@gmail.com

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