Update on my Dad

Several of you have been asking for updates on my dad’s progress. He’s improving steadily, he’s on the final fittings for his C-leg (computerized prosthetic), and he’ll be done with his rehab at Aspen Ridge within the next few weeks. You can read up on him at his blog with lots more pictures.

The most shocking news in a while came this week, when Assist Utah came to do an assessment on my parents’ house. It’s 3 stories, with a steep driveway and curved staircases. To renovate the home, add chair lifts, and make it wheelchair accesible…the potential bid was $40-80 thousand! And this estimate would not include renovations to their steep driveway, which he can’t get up on his own in the wheelchair. The planning, contracting, bidding, and construction could take upwards of 4 months, and he’ll be ready to leave Aspen Ridge by the end of May. With this info, it appears that finding a new house is a better option long term.

It needs to meet quite a bit of criteria. The driveway must be flat or very slightly inclined. There must be an accessible door to build a wheelchair ramp. There must be doorframes at least 30″ wide, which is wider than the standard 28″. The toilet area and shower must be wide enough to allow wheelchair access. The list goes on and on.

We’ll have more info within the next week or two what will happen with their housing situation. It’ll be sad to have to give up the Green Oaks home. It’s been 15 years of traditions and memories for my family.

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