I’m actually okay…kinda

After posting that last post, I realized that 3 of the 4 prior posts were terribly negative. I’m really not that bad off. I still have $6.27 in my bank account, some groceries that haven’t expired, and a husband that’s coming home from a trip three-day trip tonight.

Over the last 5 months, I’ve gotten quite a few comments such as, “Wow, you’re keeping it together so well, ” or “You’re a superwoman for doing all you do.” I’ve dealt with a cross-country move, been unemployed and reemployed, watched my father teeter toward the brink of death and back, took a full-time course load at school, starting organizing my high school reunion, traveled over 30,000 miles, dealt with 5 weeks of illness, been a mom, wife, and a primary teacher. There’s uncertainty in my husband’s career due to the Delta/Northwest merger. I wonder if my life will ever be simple. I like having a busy life, having friends and social contacts and fun experiences, but it’s tiring too.

I have plans to go to Chris and Mary‘s wedding reception in California in 10 days. A two-day vacation may be my saving grace. I’ll try to get out the last flight to LAX Friday night and try my best to get back Sunday morning. I’ll soak up the Huntington with Lizzie, celebrate Norway with Brett, see my in-laws, eat some In-N-Out, and see the Pacific Ocean. All that will be worth the non-rev hassle. Just 10 days to go.

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