6 Months in Michigan

I can hardly believe that our family has been living in Michigan for 6 months now! Here are a few of my favorite things about living here:

-Living in the same state as my husband!
-Fireflies!!! (Rosie and I counted over 70 of them last night)
-Diet Vernor’s Ginger Ale
-Partying with the Pearces
-Leo’s Coney Island
-Mike, Erin and Will
-The spectacular rainstorms and thunderstorms
-Hillary, Steven, and Elodie
-Jerusalem Garden in Ann Arbor
-Plymouth Township Park
-Pizza Papalis in Greektown
-The Henry Ford Museum
-Easy access to the rest of the country via Detroit Metro Airport on free flights

I don’t know how long we’ll live in Michigan. Taylor’s under the impression that we’ll figure out a way to move back to California in 6 months (as long as his airline survives the merger and he can get a bid for the ATL base and commute from ONT). If we do move back, I wonder if we’d be any better off financially than we are here (and we’re currently NOT making it financially). I really miss my friends and family on the other side of the country and have felt a lot of loneliness here. We have made a few good friends, and I crave the time we spend with them. I am grateful for the good times we’ve had in Michigan (and the places we’ve visited while living here).

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