Plan for Today

1. Get ready for work
2. Pack up the car
3. Drop Rosie off at daycare
4. Endure a day of work, trying to get ahead enough to enjoy a 5-day weekend
5. Try to be patient for “the call” from Emory that should come today or tomorrow
6. Pick up Rosie from daycare
7. Drive 275 miles to Stacey’s (my old Ricks College roommate) in northern KY
8. Enjoy a visit, while still getting enough sleep to have energy to drive to Atlanta tomorrow

Will I be successful? I only got about 4 hours of decent sleep. I’ve been having terrible early morning insomnia; I can fall asleep fine, but I wake up WAY too early and can’t get back to sleep until it’s time to wake up and get ready for work. Caffeine may be my constant companion today.

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