Revisiting my past in Texas

This weekend, I’m in the Dallas area with my good friend Janet. We have been friends since 1993. We grew up in the same neighborhood, have many common friends, attended YW together, were in drama in HS together, our parents are friends. We have a lot of history. Her dad is a very senior captain for Skywest, and has been one of my husband’s aviation mentors. Our birthdays are both in February, and we try to do something special with/for each other every year.

Last night, we flew in to DFW, Janet and her husband Jonathan were waiting for us as close to our gate as they could. They greeted Rosie and I with big hugs. Only one other time in recent memory, when Liz picked me up from LAX a few months ago, has a friend actually gotten out of the car and been my welcoming committee. It was so awesome! (Not to say I don’t appreciate all the times I’ve been picked up at the curb…it’s probably saved me thousands in rental car expenses)

The stars at night, actually ARE big and bright…*clap clap clap clap*…deep in the heart of Texas!We got dessert at Braum’s on the way back to Little Elm. The caramel on my sundae actually rivaled Leatherby’s as my favorite. Instead of Leatherby’s creamy, hot and drippy sauce, Braums has thick, taffy-like caramel that is just like homemade caramels. Once we got back to their beautifully decorated home, I crashed into bed around 12:30.

Today we’ve got a lot on the agenda. After some amount of consideration, we are going to be meeting up with Rosie’s aunt and uncle at one of our sightseeing stops. Yes, that would be my ex-husband’s brother and his wife (who I must add, looks incredibly similar to my ex) I don’t think I’ve seen them since before he and I got divorced. They are very sweet people who hold no animosty toward me, but it feels a little strange. Actually, the whole extended family is great…but we had some rough patches through the whole court experience.

The last time I was in Texas was at Christmas in 1999. My ex and I came to spend 5 days with his brother’s family. My funniest memory of that trip was going on rollercoasters at Six Flags over Texas. I looked at the signs on the rides, and kept laughing, “Good thing I’m not pregnant! I love rollercoasters.” One week later, my pregnancy test was positive….and nine months later Rosie was born. Maybe she’s so awesome because she went on thrill rides in utero.

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