"Have you thought of making a career change?"

Yesterday, my neighbor’s daughter was over at our house afterschool, when Taylor got called off on a trip during his reserve shift. The mom was still at work, and we had to scramble to make arrangements for the time until she was back from work. She made a comment like, “Don’t you hate it when he has such an irregular schedule? Has he thought of making a career change? I just returned from a conference where I learned some tools for you to achieve financial freedom and give up your traditional career.”

She has been hinting about wanting to share her “opportunity” that she’s involved with ever since we met her. I have pollitely declined a few times, but she finally got me to commit to “just listen” this weekend. I already know I’m not interested, but I have been involved in a few similar “opportunities,” and know how hard it is to get someone to listen. I just am a little miffed that she would make an assumption that we might be looking for a career change…she knows that we just moved to Atlanta for my husband’s career, he does something he loves, and we’ve had to acquire a crippling amount of debt for his training. Is he considering a career change? Of course not. We’ll take the traditional employment route, thank you very much.

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