Home is a Special Kind of Feeling

Lately on Sundays, I’ve been trying to listen to music that is more spiritual than my usual fare. I grew up on the classical music and Mormon Tabernacle Choir, of which my Uncle David and friend Neil are currently members. It’s still a dream to someday be a part of the Mo-Tab. Last weekend, I picked up the Mo-Tab’s “Love is Spoken Here” album. I have been a little obsessed with it…and I thought I’d share the lyrics to my favorite song on here. It is titled “Home is a Special Kind of Feeling” by John Rutter, and it is the finale to his “Wind in the Willows” musical. I sang it with Viva Voce a few years ago, and was excited to find a Mo-Tab album with it.

Home is a special kind of feeling

The feeling of a place where you belong

A feeling that the world is left behind you

Like a shelter from your cares

that seems to want you to be there

Home is a special kind of feeling

The feeling that you’ve made it on your own

Somewhere which you know is really your place

A place for living, your special place, your home

Home has a welcome kind of feeling

The firelight, and the warmth of hearth and home

A welcome that you know will always cheer you

Like a gentle kind hello, that seems to touch you with a glow

Home has a quiet kind of feeling

An island when you need to be alone

A haven for the times you spend together

There’s nowhere better, no other place like home

By John Rutter

As a side note, here’s a funny childhood anecdote. When I was about 4 years old, and listening to classical radio with my dad on the way to church, I said “I wish that everyone was a Mormon so they can listen to classical music, because it’s so good!” I’m not sure why I thought that…but my dad likes to remind me of my youthful gaffe.

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