Midweek Miscellany: Chronological Edition

Yesterday I had my second Thrive weigh-in. I lost 1.8 pounds this week, totaling 5.8 total. We had our grocery store education tour, and I feel like I’ve been a little cheated my whole life on knowing what is and isn’t healthy.

Today I filed our federal and state tax returns. We’re getting enough back to pay our student loans and credit cards for one month, with enough extra to buy a new camera.

Tonight Rosie and I were working on her biography report. She had to choose a black African-American, and she chose Louis Armstrong. Louis has always been my favorite jazz musician, and Rosie’s grown up with a lot of his music. Tonight was we were researching, we were watching videos of his performances on YouTube. Here’s a video of our favorite Louis song, “What a Wonderful World,” which I’ve sung to her a a lullabye since she was born.

Tomorrow I get to chauffeur one of our multi-million dollar donors. I Googled her, and I think she may be one of the most remarkable people I will ever meet.

Next Tuesday is the NKOTB concert. My new visiting teacher is taking my extra ticket and will help keep me awake driving back from Greenville, SC in the middle of the night…dodging drunk drivers returning from their St. Patricks’ Day celebrations.

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