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I love meeting new people. It’s one of the things that motivates, inspires, and delights me. Believe it or not, I’ve been meeting people off the internet since 1997! I met my husband online! I’ve met friends from other countries! I’ve met some really, really amazing “real” people through my “virtual” life. So when an opportunity comes around to meet my friends of the interwebs, you better believe I want to be a part of it. After the airport fiasco, I was so worked up about the drama I’d just experienced. But I sucked it up, and went over to the evening party. I was greeted with a flood of hugs and introductions. I arrived just as things were wrapping up, so Adrian and I went back¬† to our rooms and spent a few hours chatting.

In the morning, Adrian and I drove around looking for a quick breakfast spot and grocery store in Scottsdale. Do you know how difficult this is? After 30 minutes of driving, we had breakfast at Wendy’s and grabbed my forgotten items (namely DEODORANT!) We rushed back to Xona just in time for the first presentation. There were so many wonderful and informative classes…writing, staying authentic, branding, PR, vlogging. But more than anything that I learned at Bloggy Boot Camp…it was the connections I made and the friendships I strengthened.

These two lovely ladies are Lauren (aka @supermomcentral) and Lynsey (aka @lynseyleah) I’ve known these sweet girls since high school, and have admired both for many years. They’ve achieved great things, and it was awesome to reconnect and make new memories.

This is Tiffany, aka @SITSgirls. She is one of brains and beauties behind Bloggy Boot Camp and SITS…an incredible blogging support community. I’d heard so many lovely things about Tiffany and was happy to jump into a pool with her (more about that later)

Stephanie, aka @sahans, is one of the fabulous local Utah ladies who I’ve connected with over the past few months. One thing I love about Steph is how accepting she is, and how she makes wherever she goes more fun. She doesn’t judge me for taking more than one Chick-Fil-a mint. Plus, I love a girl who will take uninhibited silly pictures with me.

Adrian, aka @twitadrian, and I roomed together for the conference. We’ve seen each other around SLC a few times, but I was so happy to get some quality time with this fine woman. She is sweet, intelligent, and makes everyone feel special.¬† I was lucky to be her roomie (plus it was fun to shop and eat and sit around the airport together)

Holly, aka @magnoliasNsun, was one of the first people to run up and introduce herself at the Friday night cocktail party. She was so excited to meet me, and made me feel so special. We forged a great bond, spent luxurious time together at the hot tub, and are already scheming a trip to spend time together again.

Julie, aka @angryjulie, was the official photographer for Bloggy Boot Camp. She humored me for all the pics I wanted to pose for, and we sat with each other at White Chocolate Grill for dinner. Apparently, she has a big following in Utah…

Laurie, aka @tipjunkie, was one of the people I was most excited to meet at Bloggy Boot Camp. Her successful site has been one I’ve followed for a long time, and it was great to socialize with the JUNKIE!

Jyl (aka @jylmomIF) and Loralee (aka @looneytunes) are two of my blogging/social media idols. They both gave presentations at during the conference, and I feel so lucky to have had time to chill with these RAD chicas!

After dinner, there was a a poolside cocktail party hosted by Huggies and Help A Mother Out.

I spent the evening in the hot tub with my cherry cola, chatting with several of the sweet ladies I’d met over the conference. Once I got out of the hot tub, Jyl was rallying up support for a fully-clothed pool jump.

*courtesy of Angry Julie

So many great things learned, so many friendships made, so many inside jokes, and so much motivation. That was Bloggy Boot Camp for me. Now if only I could go to the other ones in Austin, San Fran, and Philly…

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