How Did You Find My Blog?

blog traffic google analyticsSometimes I can’t believe the funny searches people Google to find my blog. Checking my Google Analytics account is sometimes funnier than the spam messages I get. Especially when they find posts that have two very unrelated post topics combined into one search.

As I’ve worked in the search engine optimization industry this year, I’ve become a bit of an analytics junkie. I do a lot of keyword research and have found that a lot of people search things by their train of thought, not with proper grammar.

Today I decided to look into my GA account to see if I wanted to tweak a few things on my site, and went into my organic traffic search section. I was laughing hard enough at some of the searches that I thought I’d share a few humdingers with you:

  • Nose bleeds from the use of crack cocaine
  • Cute chick in a sombrero
  • George Michael Faith Jeans Butt
  • Anonymous compliments from a spider
  • Hot Dutch LDS Women
  • Narcissism medical coma
  • Precancerous bachelor
  • Blue Canary wife blog

So, my question to you, dear readers, is how did you find my blog? Did you meet me in real life first? Did you find me by Google or social media?

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