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The gamble of non-rev travel…

Friday afternoon I pulled Rosie out of school at lunchtime, and Mike drove us to the airport. We had our standby reservation for the 3:30 flight to LAX. Once we were at the gate, we found out that the flight was oversold by 8 seats. After 2 hours of security and waiting at the gate, […]


I just got a letter today from the La Verne Police Department. It was notifying us that a HIGH RISK SEX PREDATOR has moved into the house behind us, across the alley, one house over. He has served sentences for three felony sex crimes, two for children under 14, and was released from parole last […]

Living in and lovin’ Cali!

So, if you didn’t figure it out…I kinda gave up on livejournal and picked up Myspace instead. Considering I only knew about 5 people on LJ, and 50 on Myspace…I changed my mind. I have some pics and post bulletins occasionally, so that’s a better way to keep tabs on me. Also, I’ve been in […]

What’s Goin’ On?

WE WANT TO MOVE!!! We’re fed up with our neighborhood! Not only have we had ***6*** attempted/sucessful breakins between our two cars since April, there was a pipebomb explosion in the mailbox across the street this week. We don’t feel safe and we want a change. So if anyone sees a house within the $125-150K […]