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T Minus 10 Hours


5 days to go…

I’m getting really excited for my trip to California next week. I was able to get approval from work to take Friday off. Rosie and I will be heading to our Zion Thursday evening. Friday we’re going to go to Disneyland with Liz, and I’ll have a Girls Night Out with some of my friends […]

2008 Year in Review

I will not lie. 2008 was probably the most difficult of my life, right up there with 2003 (when my ex-husband went psychotic and we got divorced). To save you from reading my 249 blog entries of 2008, I have prepared my longest blog post ever to truncate the insanity of the year. Here’s the […]

Gypsy Lifestyle

Yesterday at work, I let my boss know that my last day would be December 12th (instead of the 19th, which I’d told her in October). I still don’t have a firm job offer, but there’s too much going on this month to be focused at work. I decided that I want to do some […]

‘Tis the Season

Some people create elaborate hand-made greeting cards. Some people make amazingly cute holiday home videos. Some people deck the halls so beautifully that it looks like a catalog. Some people bake, and others do volunteer service. What is a Bullock family Christmas tradition? Seeing Santa Claus Conquers the Martians at the Maverick Theater in Fullerton, […]

Two Cool Trips

I’ve been behind in my blogging for a while! I’ve been on two awesome trips in the last week and a half, which I need to give the run d0wn in case I otherwise don’t blog about it. California: I flew out of DTW Friday evening. The flight loads were pretty iffy, but a three […]

It’s Over…mostly

I just submitted my term paper and attachments for my final for my critical writing and reasoning class. I had until midnight MST, but I’ve been up since 4 am working on it (as I have been 5 out of the last 7 days). I’m exhausted, I’ve got the minimum length…and I just can’t THINK […]

I hereby declare…

…that I am sick of airplane travel! I’ve flown nearly 20,000 miles in two months…all on standby. You know it’s bad when you know every drink they serve, what foods are in each color snack box, the FAA regulations, the TSA regulations, and how to navigate at least 5 airport terminals like the back of […]

My California Vacation

At the Disneyland Parking structure Adam is 1! With the Birthday Boy on the Paddleboat Fun with Uncle Grant in Toon Town This boy does NOT like to be picked up! O, How I love thee…California Main Street at Disneyland with Clink The Abominable Snowman bites my ear off in line for the Matterhorn Roasted […]

Life or Limb?

Last night my dad was taken in for surgery, after signing a consent for possible amputation. When the surgeons went in, there was so much decay/necrosis and infection that they had absolutely no choice but to amputate. From what I understand, the amputation was right at the knee. In a few days they will have […]