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What Is Kwanzaa?

All about Kwanzaa

Do you have any idea what Kwanzaa is? I have always been interested in other cultures and traditions, which is one of the reasons  I studied humanities in college. I love to see what brings people joy, reverence, reflections, sorrow, nostalgia, and elation. December is a month that typically focuses on Christmas, and on Hanukkah to […]


Wordless Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving…Tomorrow

Happy Thanksgiving

Tender Tennessee Christmas?

Since Taylor has been with his airline, he’s had relatively good luck with having holidays off. Sometimes he’ll miss an “eve” but make it for the “day,” or part of the accompanying weekend. For Thanksgiving, he had three days off. He flew in to ONT Wednesday morning at 4 am, and flew out of LAX […]

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Thanksgiving Dinner with my in-laws was lovely. Especially the stuffing. And the jello. And the mashed potatoes and gravy. And the spinach souffle. And the glazed yams and apples. And the turkey. And the sweet rolls. And the pumpkin pie. And the best part? My skinny pants still fit the morning after! Hope all of […]

CALoween 2009

There’s something really nice about celebrating Halloween in a place where it’s warm. All growing up, I remember Halloween night being bundled up in parkas or raincoats, covering up my costume….coming home with a bag of soggy candy. For the two years I lived in California, I decided that I preferred warm, sunny Halloweens. We […]

None Were With Him

A video and excerpt from one of the most beautiful talks from last week’s General Conference by Jeffrey R. Holland: “Brothers and sisters, one of the great consolations of this Easter season is that because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to do so. His solitary journey brought […]

Midweek Miscellany

Last night was the NKOTB concert in Greenville. I went with Rosie and my friend Mariesa. We stopped by Five Guys for dinner on the way there. We completely missed the opening act, but we’d never heard of the band either. When we walked in, they upgraded our seats from first row balcony to lower […]

Happy St Patricks Day!

This morning, my twitter message was : Cuteculturechic feels pretty lucky today: I’ve got a job, got the gospel, got a great family and great friends. The rest is just icing on the cake! This year’s St. Pat’s will be a lot different from last year in Boston. I’ll be working for the day (with […]

A Pilot Family version of the Christmas Card

MERRY CHRISTMASfrom our family to yours! May the joy of the season bring you bountiful happiness, humorous company, good food, safe travels, much eggnog, joy and the spirit of the season!The Bullock Family

What to pack?

Earlier this month, I posted about my intended gypsy lifestyle for the remainder of the month. I will be leaving Detroit today, and will not return until December 28/29, depending on flight loads. Above is a picture of (a new version of my) trusty silver suitcase. It has traveled with me for over 40,000 flight […]