Tender Mercies and Monetary Miracles

Life is Strange. But I must follow that up by saying, “Life is Beautiful.” I know I’m not the first one in the history of the world to say those words, but the past 7 months have been as unpredictable as being blindfolded on a rollercoaster. When I started an exciting job at a fairly […]

Accident Update

– The estimated repair came back at $2600, but we’ll only have to pay the $500 deductible. My car should be back in my possession around February 16th. -The only car that Enterprise had available to rent is an F150 truck. This would have come in handy for moving. – My grandma called to wish […]

My Gratitude List

Rosie is thankful for mom, me, cats, food, dad, toys, dog, and … sister?(No, that’s not an announcement. She says she meant the turkey’s sister) This Thanksgiving is the first one that I’ve ever spent away from extended family. Taylor, Rosie and I are chilling in a chilly house in Georgia without any cousins, aunts, […]

More good things…

The 40 minute walk I took on my lunch break in sunny, 75 degree weather The free tickets to the Ann Arbor symphony from one of the doctors I work with The daffodils and crocuses that are finally in bloom (still haven’t seen any tulips though) Taylor’s bonus check that covered this month’s car payment […]