December Schedule

For the month of November, Taylor was on reserve in ATL. With the upgrade in pay to transfer to the ATL base, it’s become a lot more senior base. He consistently held an awesome line in DTW, but when his mockbid for December came up…it was really iffy if he’d hold a line. He hated […]

My Gratitude List

Rosie is thankful for mom, me, cats, food, dad, toys, dog, and … sister?(No, that’s not an announcement. She says she meant the turkey’s sister) This Thanksgiving is the first one that I’ve ever spent away from extended family. Taylor, Rosie and I are chilling in a chilly house in Georgia without any cousins, aunts, […]

What a Weekend!

I don’t think I can give a detailed account of the workings of this weekend…I got home at 6 am and am running on an hour of sleep. Here’s the short version…. Sunday:Church was excellent. Fast and Testimony Meeting, SS Lession on Ammon, and RS Lesson on Standing in Holy Places. The ward RS theme […]

Saturday in the Park….I think it was the 4th of July

I dropped Rosie off with Steve around noon. He decided to rent a car to take to Idaho because the beater Jetta was still not fixed. I feel better about him renting though, so he does’t get stranded in a remote place like Arimo or something. I went to Murray Park (via Noodles and Co. […]