Saturday in the Park….I think it was the 4th of July

I dropped Rosie off with Steve around noon. He decided to rent a car to take to Idaho because the beater Jetta was still not fixed. I feel better about him renting though, so he does’t get stranded in a remote place like Arimo or something.

I went to Murray Park (via Noodles and Co. for Mushroom Stroganoff with steak) and enjoyed the music. There was a family doing bluegrass which was awesome. I hung out with the Moosebutter guys, and enjoyed their performance while selling their CDs with Courtenay (and I got a free teeshirt too!) Saw Bucket Brigade too.

I had plans for a double date with Chris from Logan. He was going to bring his friend Ryan, and I had Anna Berger come along. But as soon as I met him…I just had this wierd feeling. The first thing he said was…”We have two problems, we didn’t reserve tickets for the show, and I lost her date.” (the plan was to see “My Big Fat Utah Wedding” at Desert Star) We attempted a poly-date while trying to track down Ryan (dinner at Fuddruckers) but we couldn’t ever find him. And Chris wanted to be apart of the Sandy parade as part of the Huntsman for Governer, but he was being a jerk to Anna…and I really had no desire to spend the next 6 hours with him to attend Stadium of Fire. So he took us back. I felt so lame for dragging Anna on this miserable adventure.

So I wasn’t sure what to do for the evening. So I hopped on Mingle chat to fish around for something to do….

I knew about Peter B and Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband playing at Sugarhouse park, which was more interesting to me than Reba at Stadium of Fire. I called a few people with no luck, so I hopped into mingle chat to see if anyone was looking for something to do. I started whispering with yodysseus, who offered to accompany me to the park and fend off the wierdos. We had met previously at a mingle dinner at Chilis, but never got a chance to talk until this night.

We met at Sugarhouse Coffee, and got toasted salsa bagels. MMMM. Did the get to know you small talk…he’s originally from Tennessee and his accent creeps out occasionally. It’s quite cute. He goes to the U part time and works for Fox 13. He’s divorced, has some kids, but seems quite content with his life right now. A good conversationalist, and great taste and diversity in music.

We sat on blankets, listened to Peter B and Ryan Shupe, saw some skydivers, and the Junction City Jazz Band. I realy love jazz and bluegrass, and Curtis was very knowledgeable on both music genres. We counted the stars (I said 18, he said 21 “plus the stars in your eyes”) We enjoyed the fireworks display, which was much more impressive than the Usana show the night prior. After fireworks, we just snoozed in the blankets (not cuddling though) for an hour for the crowds and traffic to die down. We walked to his car which was closer, and he drove me to my car. A nice embrace in the parking lot, and he was on his way.

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