Three Weeks Notice

Today I submitted my letter of intent to resign. According to Lizzie, I wrote a picture-perfect letter of resignation. My last day will be December 14th-ish. It was going to be the 14th, but that’s the day of our big formal Christmas party and the managers will all be busy preparing…so in order to give […]

Michigan: Part 2

I never really finished my account of my Michigan trip. I was lucky enough to get my first-choice flight home on Sunday. I also got an assigned seat when I checked in, which typically doesn’t happen when flying standby. Not a lot was significant in the last day and a half…just some apartment hunting, shopping, […]

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Really quick

I’m not sick anymore. I’m happy about that. Z-Pak, popcicles, and a day off work helped me recover from tonsillitis and an ear infection. Halloween was full of lots of candy. And Rosie was a major flirt. Right now I’m blogging from Canton, MI. I was lucky enough to get a seat on a totally […]

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