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Baja Fresh in Michigan

Yesterday, Taylor had one of the happiest moments of his time in Michigan….he found out that Baja Fresh is in the area. He was driving down Haggerty in Northville, and VOILA! A Baja Fresh within 5 minutes of Canton! Taylor has complained that he hasn’t had any Mexican food better than Taco Bell in Detroit, […]

Three Weeks Notice

Today I submitted my letter of intent to resign. According to Lizzie, I wrote a picture-perfect letter of resignation. My last day will be December 14th-ish. It was going to be the 14th, but that’s the day of our big formal Christmas party and the managers will all be busy preparing…so in order to give […]

Hallelujah, I love him so!

Just a little update….Taylor did it! He passed his O.E. That means he’s a REAL employee, done with training with Pinnacle. But that also means that we’ve decided to move to Michigan. The next month or so will be an adventure, but it means so much to me that Taylor’s achieved a lifelong dream. Motown, […]

Michigan: Part 2

I never really finished my account of my Michigan trip. I was lucky enough to get my first-choice flight home on Sunday. I also got an assigned seat when I checked in, which typically doesn’t happen when flying standby. Not a lot was significant in the last day and a half…just some apartment hunting, shopping, […]

Really quick

I’m not sick anymore. I’m happy about that. Z-Pak, popcicles, and a day off work helped me recover from tonsillitis and an ear infection. Halloween was full of lots of candy. And Rosie was a major flirt. Right now I’m blogging from Canton, MI. I was lucky enough to get a seat on a totally […]