Baja Fresh in Michigan

Yesterday, Taylor had one of the happiest moments of his time in Michigan….he found out that Baja Fresh is in the area. He was driving down Haggerty in Northville, and VOILA! A Baja Fresh within 5 minutes of Canton! Taylor has complained that he hasn’t had any Mexican food better than Taco Bell in Detroit, and it wasn’t for lack of trying. (Q’doba is blah, btw) Not only will Taylor be able to easily get his Baja Burrito or Burrito Ultimo, he is excited about the idea of smuggling home a sackful of condiment cups full of roasted pepper salsa to keep him warm on those cold, Michigan nights.

Baja Fresh is a special place for Taylor and I….we met at the now-defunct Baja Fresh in Murray. After three days of Mingle-winking, emailing and a phone call, Taylor met up with me for lunch at Baja Fresh. April 10, 2004, to be exact. We also listened to John Mayer’s “Room For Squares” in my car, when the Baja Fresh employees started giving us the evil eye for taking up their table for too long during the lunch rush. As this time, Taylor talked about how he knew he’d never be happy living long term in Utah. He’d just gotten out of an engagement where his fiancee was content to live in Sandy, Utah for the rest of her life. He wanted to have a career that would satisfy his “wanderlust” and need to see the world. He was an international relations major at the time, but on the brink of BYU academic suspension. Who knew that 6 months later he’d be married to me, and three years later living his dream. All thanks to Baja Fresh.

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