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My blog has gone international…

I am so excited that my blog is now getting some international exposure. I only knew about three people out of the US who read it (Steve/Japan, Michael/Malaysia, Astrid/Sweden). Now I’ve also had hits from Lithuania, Germany, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Poland. I’ve also had blog hits from WA, OR, ID, BC, CA, NV, […]

One Kool Kat…

This morning I thought it would be fun to post a blog about my dear friend Kathryn. We met a few months ago at her Nikki Forova gig at Genghis Cohen (Melrose and Fairfax). She is a very talented musician, who plays a mean viola. We hit it off immediately, while bonding over good food, […]

Feeling like an absolute jerk

I’ve always felt like I’m a loyal friend. I have a very hard time giving people up and letting them go on with their lives when circumstances change. This would explain why I have such a large circle of friends and acquaintances. I can be away from a friend for a year…and pick up a […]

Pilot Wife Resorces

Support Groups (for when the pilot is away) Pilot Wives Club Jet Girls Wives and Girlfriends of Pilots Facebook Group Pilot Wife (and girlfriend) Blogs http://partnerofapilot.wordpress.com/ – Partner of a Pilot http://ohthelifeofapilotswife.blogspot.com – Oh the Life of a Pilot’s Wife http://se-impressions.blogspot.com/ – SE Impressions http://aviationfamilyinak.blogspot.com/ – Musings of a Pilot’s Wife http://imapilotswife.blogspot.com/ – Musings of […]