One Kool Kat…

This morning I thought it would be fun to post a blog about my dear friend Kathryn. We met a few months ago at her Nikki Forova gig at Genghis Cohen (Melrose and Fairfax). She is a very talented musician, who plays a mean viola. We hit it off immediately, while bonding over good food, Keane, and ex-Utah resident stories. We really only saw each other a few times while I was actually in California, with LA gigs and an evening in Pasadena with Lizzie. She’s in the music biz, and has been affected by the writers strike. She happened to be in Utah this week to see her family, and graciously offered to give my dad a viola concert in the ICU. She played some classical, hymns, and a little Frou Frou. My dad has been raving about how beautiful the music was, and I know that families all over the unit were coming out in the hall to hear the concert.

So what does a good friend do when you need a break from family crises? Take you out for fondue and dueling pianos! Sure, The Melting Pot and Tavernacle was my idea…but she drove. We had a blast in two places that are as un-Utah as you get (we’ve revised our long-time resident identities to “California Girls”) Above is a picture from our night out, laughing at all the drunk people at the Tavernacle.

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